Right. Thankfully there are ways to avoid this. It'll be some work, but doable. And all the more reason to get OFF the "free" services.
This post is more for anyone I know on other networks who pops over here to check things out. I'm pretty sure FB is suppressing any posts I make, especially those with links in them. :facepalm

Currently, I'm cleaning up my digital space for better #privacy and #security, and I've found these resources to be really helpful, should anyone else be interested. There's A LOT of information; however, there's no requirement to do it all. Best to tailor things to your needs. Start small, as with any lifestyle change.
The Complete Privacy and Security Podcast <--By the way, their desk reference book is awesome.
Alternative App Centre
Data Detox

Reddits that are good to peruse:

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, just my current go-tos. :-)
Obligatory Test Post (Public)
yay for stuff working!

Ah... I tried updating to the latest version and somehow corrupted my setup. Wound up starting from scratch, but able to import just my accounts. Everything else was lost. :( Oh well. Not the end of the world. Yay for shiny new install?
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